After Hours Make up Remover and Cleansing balm, conditioning balm, skin conditioner, make up, cosmetic, water proof remover, melting balm

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After Hours Cleansing balm, make up remover, melting balm and skin conditioner. I'm an intensive and lightweight skin balm and makeup remover all in one! Gently melts away even the most stubborn waterproof makeup, mascara and setting products gently while conditioning your skin! Because I love products that have more than one use, I formulated this product to remove the days makeup and then be applied again as a quick balm/mask to add a boost of skin loving ingredients to those open pores to sets the stage for your night time skin routine. It is fabulous for just one pass to quickly melt off the day and jump in bed for those nights you just gotta crash! Don't do that too much though, that skin care routine is one of the things your future self will certainly thank you for! I don't recommend using this product if you have eye lash extensions (professionally applied) as it can remove the glue used to attach your extensions. It works great to remove the glue and less from