Dough bowl farmhouse soy pomander, flameless, hand carved, Apple, Citrus, Spice, farmhouse candle, pomander, distressed, primitive

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First of all, don’t call us a candle, we have NO wicks. When you buy one of these lovelies you will have a beautiful richly scented wax creation that will fill your space with rich scent, beauty and conversations all throughout the year. When you think the fragrance is starting to fade, take a blow dryer and from 6-10 inches away, on the lowest setting, simply warm the wax up just to the point of becoming glossy to refresh the fragrance. We are offering these filled with 12-14 ounces (vary depending on bowl) of Apple Harvest intensely scented soy wax. Each creation is decorated with scent infused dried botanicals, spices and pine cones. These bowls are the smaller of our offerings but still hold a minimum of 12 Oz of wax, due to the nature of hand carved bowls the size varies. These bowls are not food grade due to their porous surface and should only be used for decor. Each bowl varies in size due to the handmade nature of the design. The average is 10 x 6 x 2 and hold around 12-14 Oz of scented wax.