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Florida Water ritual self care, massage and protection candle. Made with our small batch in house crafted Florida Water essential oil blend (no water, witch hazel oil or alcohol). I blend my essential oil recipe into our pure soy wax and add organic coconut oil to allow this candle to gently melt into a skin safe candle to allow you to massage this luxury tool into your skin for added protection and skin soothing benefits. If you are choosing to use this candle for massage simply allow the candle to melt to the edge of the jar as you normally would (1-2 hours), extinguish the candle and allow it to rest for 10 then carefully pour a small amount into your hand and use as you would a warmed massage oil. Be certain to trim your wick back to 1/8 inch after the wax has hardened if you pour wax out for massage use. Be careful to follow these directions and be mindful to avoid burns or making a mess out of a soothing situation. I'm not big on massage so I just dip my fingers in the cooled wax and use it like a lotion on my hands, arms and neck. Perfect with a ritual cleansing bath before important events, activities that involve exposure to crowds or after a day of such exposure to cleanse and reset. Offered in 8-9 Oz brown glass jars. We make our Florida Water in house from a century old recipe using natural ingredients crafted and curated specifically for this recipe. Florida (Flower) water was originally a recipe circulated between households before the days of common indoor plumbing. It was a common and easy to make “cologne” used before the convenience of every day baths. In the late 1800’s the first recorded use of Florida Water for a household cleaner and spiritual cleanser was recorded. Housewives would add the water to warm water for use as a deodorizer and cleanser. It was appreciated for its ability to rid the home of smells and even credited for keeping families healthy. It’s no wonder it was loved for cleaning and freshening, it’s powerhouse ingredients of citrus oils, alcohol, witch Hazel and alcohol certainly have their place in any cleaning cabinet. Old medical journals suggest running it into sore muscles, aching joints, itchy feet and as a natural cut and scrape cleanser. It was even advertised as a mouthwash at one time (Don’t do that!!!). Today there are still many uses for it from SPIRITUAL USES as a CLEANSER, BAD VIBE OR EVIL EYE DEFLECTOR and PROTECTION We start with a hand crafted alcohol based Rose water tincture I craft from fresh, pesticide free rose petals (from my garden) allowed to sit in the dark for months to extract the powerful properties of Roses blessings. We build on this base with essential oils of witch Hazel, lavender, citrus, clove, rosemary, sage and chamomile with a touch of copal ( benzoin ) resin and frankincense for warmth. Volume- Our Pint Mason jar selections hold 12 + ounces of candle Half Pint Mason Jar selections hold 7.5 + oz of candle Our brown jar selections hold 8 oz of candle Specialty vessels will have their volume in each listing. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Our wooden wick candles are NOT ASSOCIATED with Newell Brands Inc. and its subsidiaries, including the WOODWICK(R) brand. We proudly use Lumentique patented wicks from The Wooden Wick, Co. exclusively in the making of our candles. “Lumetique Wooden Wick Technology” means all patents, patent applications, know-how and trade secrets relating to wooden wicks owned or controlled by Lumetique, Inc. including, without limitation, such technology covered by claims included in U.S. Design Patents Nos. US D644,359, US D643,554, US D644,360, US D678,558, US D705,459