Florida Water concentrate and spray, small batch, ritual cleansing, essential oil, cologne, protection, bad vibe cleanser, room spray

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We make our Florida Water in house from a century old recipe using natural ingredients crafted and curated specifically for this recipe. Florida (Flower) water was originally a recipe circulated between households before the days of common indoor plumbing. It was a common and easy to make “cologne” used before the convenience of every day baths. In the late 1800’s the first recorded use of Florida Water for a household cleaner and spiritual cleanser was recorded. Housewives would add the water to warm water for use as a deodorizer and cleanser. It was appreciated for its ability to rid the home of smells and even credited for keeping families healthy. It’s no wonder it was loved for cleaning and freshening, it’s powerhouse ingredients of citrus oils, alcohol, witch Hazel and alcohol certainly have their place in any cleaning cabinet. Old medical journals suggest running it into sore muscles, aching joints, itchy feet and as a natural cut and scrape cleanser. It was even advertised as a mouthwash at one time (Don’t do that!!!). Today there are still many uses for it from SPIRITUAL USES as a CLEANSER, BADE VIBE OR EVIL EYE DEFLECTOR and PROTECTION cologne to household cleansing and as a personal fragrance, house blessing and general purpose cleanser. We start with a hand crafted alcohol based Rose water tincture I craft from fresh, pesticide free rose petals (from my garden) allowed to sit in the dark for months to extract the powerful properties of Roses blessings. We build on this base with essential oils of witch Hazel, lavender, citrus, clove, rosemary, sage and chamomile with a touch of copal ( benzoin ) resin and frankincense for warmth. OFFERINGS 🌿16 Oz CONCENTRATE that can be mixed with distilled water in a 1:4 (1 part Florida Water to 4 parts still water) ratio for your own spray or cologne or added to clear water for a household rinse. NEVER add to other cleansers or use internally as it contains alcohol. 🌿 2 oz SPRAY- our in house made Florida water in a lively frosted black glass bottle with tigers eye stones to help blend the tincture as well as protect and cleanse. Perfect for use as a Cologne or a room spray. Uses include- Personal fragrance Room Spray Cleansing + Protection by applying to third eye (mid forehead) and pulse points Cleaning alters prior to ceremonies Cleansing crystals and stones by spritzing Adding to clear Mop water (1 Tablespoon concentrate to 1 Gallon clear water) prior to finish rinsing to ensure prosperity and wonderfully scented space Aromatherapy for headaches and colds Wiping down door ways, thresholds and window frames of your space after visitors leave or prior to company coming, when someone has been ill or when there is an unsettled vibe about the space.