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Our Scent Diffusing Ceramic beads are perfect for use in cars, drawers, electric warmers, and for decorative use. Fragrance beads are packaged in a shatterproof jar with a scent sealing lid for shipping. Included in your set is a daisy top to make your jar a perfect diffuser in your car, closet on your desk or tucked into drawers. Simply replace the solid lid with the daisy lid and pop the jar in your vehicle cup holder or closet. The beads can also be added to the empty dish of an electric warmer to release the fragrance in your space. Add to a decorative bowl or dish for an esthetic touch to your fragrance. Be sure to retain the travel lid for later use when you need to add oil (available in a separate listing) for a refresher. Your scent beads come scented and should last for several months before a refresher is needed. Eco-friendly and flameless, these beautiful beads are a wonderful way to add a layer of scent to any space. Refresher is available at https://etsy.me/2THIOoK Set includes : Diffuser jar with 4 Oz of scented ceramic beads Travel lid (save for refreshing when needed) Daisy silver diffuser lid