Florida Water concentrate and spray, small batch, ritual cleansing, essential oil, cologne, protection, bad vibe cleanser, room spray

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We make our Florida Water in house from a century old recipe using natural ingredients crafted and curated specifically for this recipe. Florida (Flower) water was originally a recipe circulated between households before the days of common indoor plumbing. It was a common and easy to make “cologne” used before the convenience of every day baths. In the late 1800’s the first recorded use of Florida Water for a household cleaner and spiritual cleanser was recorded. Housewives would add the water to warm water for use as a deodorizer and cleanser. It was appreciated for its ability to rid the home of smells and even credited for keeping families healthy. It’s no wonder it was loved for cleaning and freshening, it’s powerhouse ingredients of citrus oils, alcohol, witch Hazel and anti-microbial essential oils certainly have their place in any cleaning cabinet. Old medical journals suggest rubbing it into sore muscles, aching joints, itchy feet and as a natur