Florida Water Candle, small batch, ritual cleansing, essential oil, protection, bad vibe cleanser, self care, evil eye, skin safe, unhex

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Florida Water ritual self care, massage and protection candle. Made with our small batch in house crafted Florida Water essential oil blend (no water, witch hazel oil or alcohol). I blend my essential oil recipe into our pure soy wax and add organic coconut oil to allow this candle to gently melt into a skin safe candle to allow you to massage this luxury tool into your skin for added protection and skin soothing benefits. If you are choosing to use this candle for massage simply allow the candle to melt to the edge of the jar as you normally would (1-2 hours), extinguish the candle and allow it to rest for 10 then carefully pour a small amount into your hand and use as you would a warmed massage oil. Be certain to trim your wick back to 1/8 inch after the wax has hardened if you pour wax out for massage use. Be careful to follow these directions and be mindful to avoid burns or making a mess out of a soothing situation. I'm not big on massage so I just dip my fingers in