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Calendula is a wonderfully magic treatment used for centuries as a beauty and first aid remedy. Its super
Ingredients contain flavonoids, saponins and triterpenoids, known for their inflammatory benefits. From minor scrapes, fine lines, hair fall, rash, dandruff, after sun moisturizing, eyebrow thickener, nail growth stimulation and even as a anti-inflammation massage oil, this is the one size fits all oil.

We fill crystal clear glass bottles with calendula petals and our oil for a beautiful way to approach this oils use. It might as well look pretty sitting on your bathroom shelf. The organic petals we add to the oil help extend the life of the infusion as well, the amethyst chips aid in blending while being completely reusable or safe to toss in your garden if you like.

1. Calms inflammation

Inflammation is the enemy of healthy skin. Calendula oil is a natural treatment, which contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It can calm inflammation activated by acne, sunburn, eczema, or minor injuries. Calendula is a super oil containing flavonoids, saponins and triterpenoids, which are known to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

2. Assists in healing

Calendula oil has healing properties, which helps to relieve dryness, flaking and itching.

3. Hair Growth

Calendula extracts are full of B vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that encourage the growth of thick hair. Massaging the scalp with calendula oil stimulates the hair roots or follicles and ensures the growth of hair as well as fighting dandruff and itchy scalp.

Dry skin
Thinning Hair or Hair Fall
Acne and scars

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WARNING: For external use only.

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The magical plant properties are listed for holistic:aromatherapy use and should not be taken as medical advice.

Pregnant and Lactating people should avoid use of this product unless approved by their healthcare team. Not for use in children under age 4 unless authorized by a pediatrician.