Mystery Item from our wonky or Overstock Shelf, skin care, surprise, Mystery, unclaimed package, candle, coffee, pottery, vintage glass

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We literally don't even know what you are going to get for your selection until we pack it ! We have added drop down selections to guide us toward what you might want in a mystery, we'll get as close as we can! This allows the more adventurous to select a real mystery, people with allergies to avoid skincare mysteries and people looking to add to their decor to do so. don't get to complain if its not exactly what someone else said or posted they received, its a mystery after all. As we come across extras, close outs or one of a kinds we simply wrap it up and put it on the surprise shelf. It could be one (sometimes more) of the following... Candle of any size or scent, a layered combo of extras, out of season, test scent, wonky or one of a kind Lotion Mix (formerly Unicorn) Soap Tea That Book I just finished reading Coffee ( Our friends at Iron Bean Coffee Co keep us stocked up with magic beans) Perfume Incense Rollerball scent That new thi