Coconut Cream and Lavender Buds, Handcrafted Lotion and Fragrance Spray

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Coconut Cream and Lavender Buds lotion, and fragrance spray. Linen and body spray made from spring water with essential oils of Lavender, Vanilla and Coconut with Himalayan Sea Salt and Moon Stone chips. Our lotion is a goat milk base with Shea butter for a fast absorbing and deep moisturizing treat. Available in Amber shatterproof 8 Oz tubs and 2 Oz bottles. Filled by weight, not volume. This spritz is perfect for home and humans alike. The scent is clean, uplifting and calming all at the same time. Tropical and farmhouse blended for a perfect scent you didn’t know you loved. We present our spray in an clear frosted glass 2 ounce bottle. Added to the spray bottle, to ensure a consistent blend when shaken, Moon stone and amethyst chips for added centering and smooth blending. Be sure to remove those when the potion is gone and place with your other stones and crystals. The bottle can be reused for your own personal blend and the stones may be left in if desired. I r