Alice, Bar Soap, Lavender essential oil hand blended soap, coconut cream, lavender, argan oil, powdered yogurt, sleep soap

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I formulated and created this soap for those times when I feel like Alice (after she drinks the potion) small, weak and just out of sorts. It is a great tool for myself, and hopefully you, to center, calm and rest to allow the anxiety to subside and get your muchness back.

Our blend of all the super fat and essential oils for calming and anxiety relief.

Lavender essential oil is blended into our luxury soap for an anytime touch of self care.

Hand crafted in small batches with decadent ingredients including coconut cream, goats milk, powdered yogurt, lavender and rich Shea Butter.

Offered in 4 Oz bars, packaged in lavender organza bags and brown Kraft box, perfect for gifting.

We have lotion as well available here