Frankincense and Myrrh, soy wax, wooden wick candle, hostess, mason jar candle, Altar candle, boho candle, exotic candle, ceremonial candle

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A warm base of frankincense and myrrh with just a touch of exotic spices.

Classic and contemporary at the same time, you’ve likely smelled these scents and not realized what they were.

For a chill and peaceful twist for your holiday scent choices, this combo transitions between boho, farmhouse and upscale.

Created in a realistic resin color of natural smokey brown incense tint, perfect for seasonal and holiday transitions.

Our packaging and kraft paper labels are simple, we concentrate on the luxury ingredients in our candles not on expensive packaging.

Top- Frankincense
Middle- Myrrh
Bottom- Exotic Spice

•100% Natural soy wax made from Midwest soybeans
•Phthalate free oils
•Natural hand cut wooden wicks made in the USA
•Recyclable American made glass jars
•Lumetique®️ natural hand cut wooden wicks

Our Pint Mason jar selections hold 12 + ounces of candle Half Pint Mason Jar selections hold 7.5 + oz of candle
Our brown jar selections hold 8 oz of candle
Specialty vessels will have their volume in each listing.


Our wooden wick candles are NOT ASSOCIATED with Newell Brands Inc. and its subsidiaries, including the WOODWICK(R) brand.
We proudly use Lumentique patented wicks from The Wooden Wick, Co. exclusively in the making of our candles.
“Lumetique Wooden Wick Technology” means all patents, patent applications, know-how and trade secrets relating to wooden wicks owned or controlled by Lumetique, Inc. including, without limitation, such technology covered by claims included in U.S. Design Patents Nos. US D644,359, US D643,554, US D644,360, US D678,558, US D705,459