Believe, wooden wick soy wax candle, Jackalope

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Yes, there is a Jackalope on the label. This really is a candle that smells too wonderful to be real so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to let Gabe's favorite creature make his appearance. I believe people should and ARE allowed to believe in anything and everything that brings them joy and doesn't hurt others. Jackalopes are real, dragonflies are really fairies and birds aren't real (not always). Whatever lights your candle and doesn't snuff someone else's out! Whether you are making a Brigid Cross, Blessing candles or watching a hedgehog, do it for the good of all and the harm of none with peace in your heart and let's all have the most wonderful of years this year!! Top note- Blackberry, Jasmine Middle note- Warm Saffron, Sandalwood Bottom note- Tobacco, Rum This is the perfect candle to celebrate those strange winter days when the holidays are over but winter still has her grip on the world. You are looking forward to Spring and beginnin