Antique Store, wooden wick soy candle

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Antique Store, wooden wick soy candle The distinctive scent of a charming antique store. That warm, comforting scent that makes you feel nostalgic for a time long before yours. The smell of time worn hardwood floors, piles of threadbare quilts, blue mason jars filled with buttons, tarnished copper and silver. Notes: Top- Old Woods, Linen Middle - Leather Bottom - Musk, Earth There really isn't much that is as comforting to me as this scent. Antique stores, the ones on side streets in small towns, with the sweet ladies working the desk are the perfect place for me when I need a little quiet retail therapy. Poured in our popular 8+ oz umber (brown) glass jars with matte black metal lids for a wonderful look to add to our scented experience. 100% pure soy wax illuminated with a crackling wood wick for the perfect relaxing candle. The natural hand cut wood wick adds a crackle for a beautiful sensory experience.This is a luxury candle that can be used with abandon! Our pac