Old Books scented, Wooden Wick Soy Candle

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Old Books scented, Wooden Wick Soy Candle The mysterious and cozy scent of old vintage books, libraries and dusty shelves full of leather bound wonders. This candle is curious and inviting when you first take the lid off and sniff it, you get the top not of Leather and musty pages. Once melting, the smells of old texts, library tables and lignin in the fragile paper come to life to invoke the happiest of memories. Top Note: Musty Paper, Papyrus Middle Note: Oak, Aged Mahogany Woods Bottom Note; Worn Leather, Lignin This scent literally (see what I did there) took me years to develop and has the notoriety of being my most difficult to create, it is also our highest rated and best selling selection throughout the year. It is a very complex scent that changes and develops as the candle burns. When it begins you get a string note of worn leather, earthiness from the scent of old wood shelves and floor boards, musty notes that almost smell like fresh soil. The bottom note is a ve